Stories of Our Women Ancestors Class

Diane Eshin Rizzetto Teacher

4 Saturdays, 11am – 1pm
March 10 – 31

Please join us for a class exploring the lives and Dharma teachings of our women Buddhist ancestors.

Stories of our Buddhist women ancestors who made their way on the Dharma path through history are timelessly relevant and continue to be a source of wisdom and inspiration as we make our way into the 21st century. Undaunted by the struggles and obstacles women encountered in the social and cultural milieu of their periods in history, their stories remind us all that if we are to truly carry forth the teachings into our world today, we must include every aspect of our lives.

This class will explore the lives and stories of several women ancestors through history who have embarked on this journey and whose experiences are sources of strength, determination, compassion and wisdom to anyone engaged in a life of practice.

The class is open to everyone.  No meditation experience is required.  People living further than a 2 hour driving distance from the Bay Zen Center may participate via teleconferencing.

Please complete the registration form and mail with your check to the Bay Zen Center. Write “Class” on the envelope.  Or send your application in separately and send your payment via PayPal. BE SURE TO INCLUDE A NOTE WITH YOUR PAYPAL PAYMENT THAT IT IS FOR THE CLASS.

Cost: non-members: $120;  members: $60