Join us for a 2-Day Sesshin in February

Please join us for two days that will make a difference: Weekend Sesshin (Retreat) Saturday, February 16, 7:30am – Sunday, February 17, 5:30 pm.

Everyone is welcome.

Application Deadline: February 9.

In the midst of our busy lives, it can be difficult to remember to pay attention to our lives. Each activity seems to pull us from one moment to the next. Even if we meditate every morning, we might still find ourselves being swept up in the current. So how do we keep strong the habit of awareness, of being awake to our lives, even in the midst of each busy day?

One of the most powerful tools we have for doing this is sesshins (retreats), extended periods of time set aside for simply paying attention. Sesshin gives us the opportunity to step out of the swift current of everyday life and enter a time of radical simplicity. We eat, we walk, we sit, and with each activity we offer our full attention. In doing so, we remind the body and mind that being awake in this moment, and the sanity and simplicity that comes with being fully present, is available in every moment of our lives.

If you often find that you can’t set aside time for this important aspect of practice because of family, work or other commitments, this sesshin offers you that opportunity to participate. With all our sesshins, we are flexible with the needs of individuals. If you have any questions, please contact the sesshin director, Bill Press at

Space is limited, so be sure to apply early.