New to the Center?

We enter a discipline like Zen Mindfulness practice so that we can learn to live in a sane way….It is down to earth and very practical… It is about our daily life….It is something we do for a lifetime.

– Charlotte Joko Beck

We love it when people come by and check us out, so please feel free to attend any of our scheduled sittings. You don’t need to call ahead. Wear comfortable clothing and please try not to wear scents since some people are sensitive.

There are chairs, sitting cushions and sitting benches for you to choose whichever you are most comfortable with. Just come in and sit in whatever position is comfortable for you.

Our meditations are usually no longer than 35 minutes and if you need to move during that time, please feel free to change your positions. We just ask that you don’t get up and move around the zendo (meditation room) during the sitting period.

After sittings, join us, if you like, for tea.

Although practicing with others at a center close to you is very helpful, it is possible to develop a strong and sustaining Zen Mindfulness practice from a distance by coming to retreats and keeping contact as much as is possible. Many of our long-distance members play vital roles in the running of our Center.

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A great way to get to know the Bay Zen Center is to join our mailing list and learn about upcoming classes, seminars and other activities.

Listen to a talk

Listening to Diane teach and answer questions from students is one way to enter into practice from wherever you are. The Center has a wide variety of Dharma talks available online. You can also listen to one of her talks here.

Beginner’s Instruction

Beginner classes in Zen Mindfulness Meditation are offered throughout the year.  Click here for more info.