Other Activities

Dharma Classes

Dharma classes deepen our understanding of practice through the study of the dharma teachings both ancient and modern. Combining individual study, small on-going discussion groups, and regular meetings, these classes help us place the rich heritage of teachings in the context of our daily practice and our modern, everyday lives.

Class meetings are teleconferenced to allow for remote participation, making this a helpful way for students practicing at a distance to remain connected with the greater community of fellow practitioners.

Practice Period

Once or twice a year, we offer our members a time to renew or spark their commitment to a daily ongoing practice by participating in a Practice Period. The duration is generally 4-6 weeks and may begin and end with either a sesshin or one day sitting.

During its duration, participants agree to increase their daily sitting practice, to have daisan in person or by phone at least once a week and to partake in several options of a daily practice focus.

Most people find that Practice Period helps them focus, infuses energy and renews their commitment to being awake and present as they go about their daily activities. The wonderful thing about the way we organize Practice Period is that people can do it from anywhere, so members living at a distance can also benefit from participation.

Student Talks

Our sangha comprises students with wide ranging life experiences and areas of expertise. We have much to learn from one another, and student talks provide a regular opportunity for doing so.

Talks include such disparate topics as calligraphy, parenting, and particle physics (typically not in the same talk), and they are offered as often as the opportunity arises. See our calendar for our next scheduled student talk.