Retreat Information

Zen Mindfulness Meditation retreats offer us the opportunity to deepen our meditation practice and strengthen the awareness we carry into our everyday activities by setting aside time away from work, family, and other commitments to simply sit in silent meditation.

The schedule consists of seated meditation; walking meditation; work practice; rest periods; lectures; and private meetings with the teacher. We offer several two day and one five day retreats each year.

During our  retreats, people who do not live within a 30-minute drive from the Center, sleep at the Center or are housed with our local members. They may also find accommodations on their own if they choose.

With all our retreats, we are flexible with the needs of individuals. If you have questions, contact the sesshin director listed on the form.

2014 Schedule

More information about our retreats can be found here. To obtain an application, please download the application in PDF, or call or write the center and we will mail you a hardcopy application.

Retreats at the Bay Zen Center

Retreats at Bay Zen Center Application Due Date Contact Email
Feb 15 7AM – Feb 16 5PM February 9 Patrick Riley pzriley [at] gmail [dot] com
April 25 6:30PM – April 27 12:30PM April 17 Brent Beavers rsg.way [at] gmail [dot] com
July 29 7PM – August 3 noon July 20 Bill Press billpress [at] gmail [dot] com
Sept 27 7AM – Sept 28 5PM September 21 Brent Beavers rsg.way [at] gmail [dot] com
Nov 15 7AM – Nov 16 5PM November 9 Dan Birnbaum dbirnbaum [at] fastmail [dot] fm

You may apply for retreats at any time before the deadline listed on the application, but the earlier, the better. Applicants from out of town will receive a letter or email informing them of their acceptance within a few days after their application is received.  All others can assume that they have been accepted unless they hear from us within two days after the deadline date.

What Shall I Bring to Retreat?

  • Bedding:
    If you come by car, bring all your bedding, including a sleeping mattress and pillow. If you do not come by car, the Center will provide a sleeping mattress, pillow and pillow case. You should bring your own sleeping bag.
  • Personal Items:
    Hygiene items including ear plugs if you are bothered by snoring. Towel. You do not need a watch, radio, journal, cell phone or similar items. If you have a favorite cushion or use a bench, our supplies are limited so it’s a good idea to bring your own. We have plenty of chairs.
  • Clothing:
    In addition to suitable zendo attire, everyone must bring clothes to change into for work period. Be prepared to get dirty. It’s always a good idea to bring shoes that can be slipped on and off easily for getting out of the zendo. Since we use two entries during sesshin, it’s helpful to have 2 pairs of shoes.