Sesshin Information


To register for sesshins, go to:  Sesshin Application

All sesshins in 2019 are led by Dan Birnbaum. Diane Eshin Rizzetto will be in partial attendance for the March and July sesshins.

Sesshin is a time for us to take pause from the usual engagements, responsibilities and busyness of our daily lives and to touch and gather heart and mind through extended periods of silent meditation. It is an opportunity for us to reflect more deeply and to renew our capacity to be completely present and awake with ourselves and the world. The days are structured in silence to include sitting and walking meditation, dharma talks, meetings with the teacher, chi gung, eating and rest. Although there will be a schedule, everyone will be encouraged to engage in it according to their personal physical requirements.

All sesshins are held at our dharma center in Oakland. The two day sesshins begin on Friday at 6:30 pm and end Sunday afternoon at 4:00 pm thus offering an opportunity for people to attend without having to take time off from work. The four day sesshins begin on Wednesday at 6:00 pm and end Sunday at noon. Those who live close by will go home to sleep in the evening and those traveling from a distance can either stay with local members in their home or make their own outside sleeping arrangements. There is also space at the zen center for sleeping, but people provide their own bedding.

2019 Schedule

Sesshins and One Day Sittings Sesshin Director
July 24 (6 pm) – July 28 (2 pm) Brent Beavers
November 6 (6 pm) – November 10 (noon) TBD

If you have any questions regarding Sesshin please send an email

To register for Sesshins, go to:  Sesshin Application

Call 510-596-3087 or write the center if you want a hardcopy application mailed to you.

Applicants from out of town will receive a letter or email informing them of their acceptance within a few days after their application is received.  All others can assume that they have been accepted unless they don’t hear from us within two days after the deadline date.