Dharma School for Children Ages 5-9

Anyone who has ever watched children engage in their lives recognizes that seemingly simple every day actions are imbued with whole-hearted attention. The Dharma School brings these qualities forth and engages children in fundamental Dharma teachings.

We explore questions such as “How can hanging up our coat be an act of generosity?” “What is patience in relation to watching a plant grow?” “How is kindness reflected in how we eat our food?”

Children learn to meditate for short periods of time and begin a process of reflecting on their thoughts, feelings and actions.
Through various developmentally appropriate activities in art, music, play, storytelling, discussion and meditation, children will deepen their understanding of themselves and the world they live in. They begin to recognize and practice simple values such as listening attentively, paying close attention to their actions, developing the process of patience, giving, receiving and many other important teachings. As of 2014 we have enriched our classes by integrating the curriculum of Mindful Schools.

Children at Dharma SchoolEach class will include a snack.

The Dharma School is open to children of all backgrounds. It is not required that parents be zen practitioners for their children to be involved in the dharma school. However, parents often find that joining the adults for a sitting period, service and Dharma talk while their children are in class is a great way of connecting with the same teachings their children are learning about.

If you would like to join us simply come to the zendo after you have dropped your child off. If you have no sitting experience someone will be available to help get you situated.

The Dharma School teaching team for 2015/2016 includes Elana Auerbach, Patrick Riley, Elanne Kresser.